Hot tubs

Traditional Japanese wooden bath tubs are a popular way to spend your spare time.
It is one of the most pleasant ways to restore your energy after work, spend a good time with your family and friends.
Besides, it‘s very good for your health – it helps to overcome stress, defuse nervous tension, speeds up metablosim, strengthens immunity.
The wooden tubs are availaable in different sizes.

Diameter 220 cm; 200 cm; 180 cm; 160 cm;

Wall height

100 cm

Wall thickness

40 mm

Sort of wood

Spruse or larch.

Complete set

6-8 benches; protective fencing; handrails – along the top of the tub, for support and decoration; drink stands; stainless steel barrel hoops; outlet opening; stairs.


Stainless steel internal or external furnace из нержавеющей; 2 meters long chimney with a canopy.



External finishing

Oiled with a natural colourless oil;

Oiled with a natural dark pigment oil;

Burnt internal and external walls of the tub.

Any other colour as the client desires.


At the client’s request we can build custom size tubs with any diameter, wall height or specification.
We can make a double – romantic tub. With a tub like this all that’s missing is the starry sky 🙂
We can also produce a cone-shaped tub – when the bottom part is narrower than the top ~ 15 cm.
To heat the tub we offer furnaces of two types:
– internal furnace available in two sizes.
– external furnace are available in two sizes. The smaller one – the firewood length would be ~38 cm; the bigger one – the firewood length would be ~ 68 cm.


Fiberglass hot tubes

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