Arch greenhouses KLASIKA recommend to  purchase appreciate the quality of long-lasting product. This is the one strongest greenhouse of the construction for the hobby and professional gardening.

Structural strength allows roll plants (climbing tomatoes, cucumbers) to greenhouse arcs, and pots and hanging shelves. Arched greenhouse KLASIKA not only entertain you but also your children and grandchildren in the future.

The arched greenhouse KLASIKA with 4mm or 6mm. polycarbonate or PET cover  which have been designed heavy winds and the northern districts. Greenhouses KLASIKA profiles are made of 78 mm. width steel belts. Collected M5 screws. 

KLASIKA greenhouse carcass weight:

  • KLASIKA 12m2 greenhouse carcass weighs 80.80 kg.
  • KLASIKA 18m2 greenhouse carcass weighs 106 kg.
  • KLASIKA 24m2 greenhouse carcass weighs 131.30 kg.
  • KLASIKA 30m2 greenhouse carcass weighs 156.60 kg


  • *For arch greenhouses KLASIKA covering used 4mm. or 6 mm. Polycarbonate guarantees superior durability;
  • *Polycarbonate In complectation are protective strip for polycarbonate ends;
  • *Arch KLASIKA greenhouse carcass is made of galvanized 1 mm. steel profiles and collect the M5 screws. Such a sturdy frame that will be able to do pull-up;
  • *Arch greenhouses KLASIKA kit is already a strong foundation of zinc;
  • *In arch Greenhouses KLASIKA both ends is the air vents;
  • *Arch KLASIKA greenhouses during the winter do not need to dismount;
  • *Arch greenhouses KLASIKA length, depending on your needs can be 4, 6, 8 meters (the greenhouse is increased by 2 meters);
  • *Arch greenhouses KLASIKA offer to purchase at very reasonable prices!

In arch Greenhouse KLASIKA is included:

  • *Strong 1 mm thick galvanized profiles;
  • * Strong 100 mm wide base (the base);
  • * All the necessary fixing elements – bolts, and gaskets;
  • * Polycarbonate – 10 year warranty;
  • * Polycarbonate’s protective films;
  • * Doors, windows strengthen steel rivets;
  • * Installation Instructions
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